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comfortably numb.

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17 year old girl from NJ.
crazy, cynical, goofy, emotional.

loves taking pictures, hugging trees, going on adventures, eating bread, writing stories, doing yoga, playing tennis, reading classics, jamming to tunes, obsessing about lost, coloring pictures, and looking at maps.

i'm in ravenclaw!
tv: lost, grey’s anatomy, the office, scrubs, that 70’s show

movies: potc, the departed, little miss sunshine, lotr, harry potter, the omen, yellow submarine, donnie darko, running with scissors

people: evangelline lilly, josh holloway, elizabeth mitchell, george clooney, leonardo dicaprio, jake gyllenhaal

music: i’m from barcelona, the libertines, pink floyd, the beatles, the who, arcade fire, belle and sebastian, rush, styx, journey, of montreal, au revoir simone

ships: sawyer/kate, jack/juliet, jim/pam, george/izzie

1. please credit.
2. do not hotlink.
3. do not claim as your own.
4. comments make me smile!

currently not doing requests.
credit and personals.
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profile layout: reversescollide

personal lj: atomicgargoyles
myspace: lovestolaugh